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Do you have what it takes to know how the rich continue to generate wealth? Test your knowledge in this game on whether everyday items and expenses generate money for you (assets) or lose money (liabilities). 

Are the courses not enough for you and want to learn more? Here are some must read financial books recommended by our founder Ashwin Joshi.
In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about the stock market to make smart investment decisions to make you wealthy for life. 

Want to know what credit is and how it can help you become wealthy? In this course, you will learn what a credit score is and how to maximize your credit score.

Crypto. The whole world talks about it. The question is what exactly is crypto? In this course you will learn about how complex the crypto world really is.

In this course you will learn about everything to help you navigate your college journey as smoothly as possible. 

Do you find taxes confusing? You are not alone. In this course, you will learn about the many concepts of taxes in a fun and easy way. 

What is the difference between budgeting and saving you may ask? In this course you will learn everything to be successful in both budgeting and saving.

Do you want to think like the top 1% of America? In this course you will learn a financial mindset that will help you generate more wealth if you apply it. 

Do you want to set yourself up for instant success in your job? In this course, you will learn about everything to help navigate through your job application and job as quickly as possible. 

Guest Speakers motivate us to do better and can be inspirational in our low points. Understanding how the greatest and most successful people of our time have had their own hurdles to face is one of the greatest reality checks of all time. By looking at the way these speakers think and observing their work ethic; we should all try to apply this in our everyday lives. 

All The Referenced Materials that helped us craft the wonderful curriculum we have today. Help should always be used to make ourselves better, but help deserves credit.